What to Expect

Our Worship Space

Our sanctuary is beautiful and old-fashioned with a colonial design in pulpit and pews, combining relaxing white and soft gray. Our traditional worship includes beautiful piano music (a fire damaged our organ). The building is a charming colonial New England style, white with a steeple and bell (the fire also damaged our steeple bells). We're looking forward to having the church painted in the spring!

Our Mission Statement

To share with the world the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To offer meaningful worship experiences for daily living.

To serve our community.

To create a caring church family.

To encourage spiritual growth and ethical responsibility

Our Vision

A considerable part of our vision is to help the world and our community recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19. If ever people needed church, it's now, yet churches have been closed. It's time to bring everyone back into the fold. We envision a place where people can come and feel a sense of comfort, safety, and companionship, an anchor in these chaotic times. And we want people to know that Jesus Christ is always their anchor. We're here with our doors wide open to anyone who wishes to enter and join a church family in worship and companionship.


  October 2022  
This Week's Events


Bible Study
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Bible Search