Capt. Wm. G. Shoemaker Post 345

Meetings of the Capt. Wm. G. Shoemaker Post 345 are held here at Lynnfield Community Church the first Tuesday of every month at 1:00 p.m.

We've launched a program only the second in the United States designed to respectfully inter the ashes from burned US and Gold Star flags annually done during a ceremony held on or near Flag Day in June by the Shoemaker Post 345 with help from the MarineCorps JrROTC the Solimine family, the Lynn Fire Dept. and the City of Lynn Cemetery Commission.

This event has been held annually for many years, the collection of worn and tattered flags starts early in the Spring and continues right up until Flag Day, this has become a proud tradition with the American Legion in Lynn.

The ceremony varies from year to year as we have speakers who tell stories related to the history of the flag and of historic events tied to the flag, also we explain the proper displaying of the flag, the correct way to dispose of a flag and personal stories which are always interesting.

This year we expect our ceremony to be much different as we've embarked on a mission to install a memorial on the grounds of the Pine Grove Cemetery, with the help of our Flag Surrendering Ceremony Chairman , David J. Solimine, Sr  we've moved up our time schedule for the inauguration of our memorial and special ceremony. We are confident that this will happen this year on or about Flag Day in June, we will soon announce the date and hope many will attend this historic event.